The Truth of Islam


Many ask for proof of Islam in the form of arguments; when I would argue one of the greatest proofs of Islam is in experiencing it, tasting it for yourself. See; through reason alone, you may be able to convince someone that sugar is sweet but for them to truly be convinced they will have to taste sugar for themselves. In the same way, Islam has to be experienced.

Now, this is far from practicing blind faith as It all begins with acknowledging the reality of God which he has placed within our nature (fitrah) our soul. A person inclining towards their pure nature will realize that the teachings of Islam fit them like a well-tailored suit, take for example; what God tells us about him self in the 112th chapter:

“Say, He is God, the One,
God the Eternal.
He begot no one nor was he begotten.
No one is comparable to Him.”

These words will make sense to this person, they will recognize them and find them to be in line with what already exists within their heart. Their soul will bear testament to the Quran, when engaging with the Quran they will experience a joy as if meeting a long lost friend; there will be a recognition a spiritual reunion. This is expected as they are engaging with the literal words of the one that made them. From this point on it’s time to experience the truth by implementing Islam into your life, by submitting yourself to your creator and his guidance as you were created to do. If sincere; undoubtedly the truth of Islam will permeate your heart, its reality will become manifest to you. As God says in the 47th chapter of the Qur’an:

“just as for those who are [willing to be] guided, He increases their [ability to follow His] guidance and causes them to grow in God-consciousness.”

As for those who say I tried Islam but didn’t taste anything, I would ask; was it really a sincere attempt? Or did you aloofly just put the sugar in your mouth whilst at the same time pinching your nose and spit it out before any experiencing could be had.

The Truth of Islam

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